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I <3 my clarinet

No broken or soft reeds allowed.

Super Clarinet Geeks
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Do you love your clarinet so much it has a name?
Have you spent so much money on your clarinet(s) that you could own a pretty nice car?
Then this is the place for you.

1. You must play clarinet.
2. The title of the application should be "I <3 my clarinet" and the lj-cut should say "please reed".
3. You must use an lj-cut. <*lj-cut text="please reed"> (just remove the * from that).
4. Bold the questions. <*b>question (again remove the *'s).
5. Don't argue with the voters.
6. If you don't follow the rules you will have 1 hour to fix it. If you don't, your application will be deleted.
7. You will be voted on for approx. 2 days. (Don't get upset if it takes more than that. We are humans who have lives, and sometimes lj is not our top priority. ALSO we might extend the application time at our own will to allow more people to vote on you.)
8. You are allowed to comment on your entry only until you are stamped.
9. If you are rejected, you can try again 2 weeks from the original application date. You are allowed 2 tries to get in.
10. You need a majority yes vote to get in. (50%+1)

1. Vote yes or no and give +/- reasons.
2. When voting, put YES or NO in the subject line.
3. Movies, music, and books cannot be the soul reason for a no, but can be part. Also one can not be given a no based on grammar or spelling issues unless it is completely horrible to read or the person misspells clarinet 5 times or something of the like.
4. Stay active. If you are going away on a trip let us know.
5. Once accepted, post and promote.
6. Don't be rude to the applicants.
7. If an applicant does not follow a rule, inform them and simply tell them you will not vote until it is fixed.
8. If you are overly rude to ANYONE, you will be warned. More than once, you are OUT.
9. Do not be rude to the mods, as we work hard to make this community nice. If you have a problem, tell us, but be civil. No ranting at us.

Year in School(ex. 12th grade, college freshman):
Other Instruments besides clarinet:

You and your clarinet
How many years have you been playing clarinet?
What types of clarinet do you play?(Bb, A, Eb, bass)
Does your clarinet have a name? If so, what is it?
What model(s) of clarinet(s) do you own?(Buffet,Selmer,etc.)
Is your clarinet wood or plastic?
What reed strength do you use?
What chair are you?
What bands/orchestras do you play clarinet in?
What makes you more of a band/orchestra/clarinet geek then other clarinet players?
Favorite key to play in? Why?
Favorite clarinet/band/orchestra piece? Why?

Misc. Info
Favorite singers/bands/musicians:
Favorite movies:
Favorite books:
Favorite color:
Promote this community in one place and post the link here:

Post at least 2 pictures of yourself. Try to have at least one of you with your clarinet or one of you in band.



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Save these to your own server and use, or just use <*lj comm="1clarinetgeek"> without the *.

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